Hung’s Story

Hung Nguyen was born and raised in Vietnam. Hung grew up in the family business manufacturing wood office and Home furniture-cabinets, countertops, doors, and other hard wood products. In 1991, Hung took the craftsman skills he learned from his father and brought his family to United States of America. He continued to improve his craft working for numerous cabinet shops in the Tampa Bay area.

T & T Custom Cabinets Inc

In 1996, Hung opened T & T Custom Cabinets shop. Since day one, T & T  has produced many products including entertainment centers, wall units, kitchens, bathrooms, office furniture, and much more. Besides working with wood products, T & T  also specializes in different types of materials like, hard wood, Formica, granite, solid surface and steal. T & T Custom Cabinets is known for customizing wood products to various curves and shapes.

T & T Custom Cabinets is devoted to utmost
quality, perfection, and customer satisfaction.